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Read my latest post:Declaring myself a Metal Sculptorabout my art installation in Tacoma Light Trails- Sea Shadows art installation. Location: Puget Law Group, 938 Broadway, Tacoma WA. Dec 31 – Jan 19, 2023 5-9pm

Art on exhibit and for sale at Miska Studio Gallery, 107 Sunset Blvd, Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110


Giant Pacific Octopus Collection

The Giant Pacific Octopus lives in the inland waters of the Salish Sea with some of the largest residing under the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. This octopus is known to be a very intelligent and social creature, and able to change its color rapidly. It’s commonly shown red which is its excited phase, though can change its color to match its surroundings.

These metal art octopus are built from a collection of used steel bicycle gears, chains, brake rotors and obsidian “eyes”. Obsidian is a natural volcanic “glass” found in the Cascade Range of Oregon. The mottled colors of the metal are achieved by flame coloring with a propane torch.

Large Octopus Wall Art, 48″w x 38″t

Small Octopus Wall Art, 36″w x 30″t

Small Octopus Wall Art, 36″w x 30″t

Just like in the wild, each metal Octopus has it’s own you unique personality – leg movements vary, and mottled coloring will be distinct for each art piece. Large octopus are about 3.5-4′ wide and 3′ tall, small octopus are about 3′ wide inches wide and 2.5-3′ tall. The 3’ octopus weighs between 10 and 15 pounds. It can hang from a single nail in wood (such as a 2×4 behind drywall), or a screw in a drywal anchor.

I find it most interesting mounted with the eyes about 10” above my own eye level. The coloring will vary depending on the light and the angle of viewing. There is always some new detail to discover in these wonderous creatures.

Ordering Octopus Art

Custom orders take 3-4 weeks to complete.
Large Octopus are $2500
Small Octopus are $1500

Contact me to discuss ordering art


Wild Salmon Sculpture

Wild salmon are an important species in the Salish Sea, which is a body of water located in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and includes the Strait of Georgia, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Puget Sound.

Their migration through the Salish Sea, has always impressed me. Wild salmon transport nutrients from the ocean to inland rivers and streams, where they provide a food source for a wide range of animals, including bears, eagles, and other birds of prey.

Culturally, wild salmon have long been a central part of the diet and way of life for the Indigenous peoples of the Salish Sea region.

Many of my late summer mornings are spent in my canoe or kayak,
observing the salmon jumping, herring, eagles, porpoises, seals, and
king fishers. On fortunate mornings, I am able to bring home dinner!


Materials: This sculpture is primarily sourced from reclaimed steel fire extinguishers, and a bicycle hub washer for the eye. The mottled colorsbare achieved by flame coloring with a propane torch.

Display suggestions: The sculpture is about 22” high and 24” wide and weighs about 11 pounds. I find it most interesting displayed with the salmon eye about 5” below eye level. The colors show best with natural or bright artificial light. It can be handled as it is coated with a durable artist grade clear lacquer. Indoor only.
Contact me to discuss ordering a custom salmon sculpture

Pacific Starfish

This starfish set is currently part of the Tacoma Light Walk art installation.

Northwest Feather Collection

Ravens live throughout Washington and are the subject of many NW Native stories. Most involve the Raven as a Trickster, however one story describes the Raven as having been the most colorful bird. That changed when one day it flew too close to the sun. Most people describe the ravens color as black, but others say if you look closely, you can see the former colors. ( 24″ – 48″ )

Large Raven Feather, colors change dramatically depending on the angle you view it from. This feather is 36″ in length.

Owls also live in the northwest. The most common are the Great Horned owl and the Barred owl. We all know their “who-who” call, but when flying they are nearly silent. If you ever had a close encounter with an owl, you most likely did not hear it coming. Both the Great Horned and Barred owls have stripes on most of their feathers. On my steel feathers the stripes are made with a natural flame coloring technique. ( 24″ – 48″ )

Materials: The feathers I make are of steel, copper, and stainless steel and use a recycled bicycle gear on the back as a hanger. I flame color the metal with a propane torch, and clear coat them or tint them with a variety of colors. The green color of the copper feathers is oxidation (natural rust). Try different light sources and at different reflected angles the colors will change.  Contact me to discuss ordering custom feather art


Artist Statement & Vision

An engineer with the mind of an artist”. For nearly 30 years I worked at REI testing, improving, and prototyping the gear outdoor people love. Now I create metal art.

I’m passionate about the outdoors and bikes. Ever since my first middle school job, my dominant form of transportation has been my bike. Bikes meant freedom to me before I was old enough to drive, and still do. Bikes of all types are my physical and mental therapy. It’s when I have my clearest thoughts, and greatest adventures.

Sea kayaking and living off the sea is another passion of mine. What’s better than a day on the water exploring, and taking in the scenery. I’ve explored nearly the entire coast of Vancouver BC, including Vancouver Island, paddling and fishing during multi-week annual trips.
Welding began for me in High School where I was in a co-op welding program. I’m a certified welder in Washington State and have a bicycle frame building certificate from the United Bike Institute in Ashland, OR.

While practicing for the Washington State Welding Exam at Green River Community College I met Greg Bartol of Studio B. I supplied Greg and his team with bike parts and Greg encouraged everyone around him to explore art welding, and metal art.

When Covid hit and I was laid off, I had the time to pursue metal art. Studio B is a great place to create and get inspiration from other metal artists.

My artwork is inspired by the creatures that call the West Coast home. Ravens, crabs, salmon, halibut, and octopus, etc. My artwork will also always contain at least one bike part that has served a useful life and was diverted from the trash.

My hope is you enjoy each unique handmade piece of artwork as much as I did creating it.

My first metal work, made in high school shop class

Media for further interest:

My Octopus Teacher – Netflix Documentary
The Soul of an Octopus – by Sy Montgomery (New York Times Bestseller)
The story of the raven and the sun
Interesting owl facts

Custom orders take 3-4 weeks to complete.
Large Octopus $2500
Small Octopus $1500
Salmon Sculpture $1800
Feathers $200-350
Starfish $250

Available for custom pieces and installations