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Grit City Gongs

Jan 21, 2024 | Metal Art

Grit City Gongs embody the essence of Tacoma’s unique vibe – industrial cool, locally sourced materials, creative re-use, and interactive art. Each gong is a custom designed art piece that will add the element of harmonious sound and rugged beauty to your home or business.

I fabricate each piece in a variety of sizes using Tacoma-made materials.

  • The bells are up-cycled using decommissioned cylinders from Central Welding with a limited edition featuring ‘TACOMA’ cast on the metal collar.
  • The curved metal hanger is repurposed from a disassembled leaf spring recycled at Right Way Suspension in Tacoma.
  • The wall base is made of Richlite, a durable, sustainable product with a luxurious ‘leather-like’ finish. Richlite is a local company based in the tide flats of Tacoma. Wall mount panels are available in black, natural, brown, blue and brick red.


Each gong has a distinct sound, depending on its size. Grit City Gongs can be hung inside to retain their smooth metal polish and shine. Custom graphics and logos can be sandblasted onto the bell and do not affect the tone of the bell.  The Gongs can also be hung outdoors and will naturally rust and age, creating a unique patina over time. Most gongs come with a rubber striking mallet, some use a Seattle Thunderbirds hockey puck on the inside as a striker.

You can request the finishing styles, color and size.

For seamless installation, follow these mounting instructions: mark and drill three 5/32” holes into a wall stud, then use the provided black lag screws with a 5/8″ wrench or socket. Optimal placement is at ear level, with the suggestion to strike the bell around 25% up from the bottom for the most satisfying tone. However, feel free to experiment and find your unique arrangement.

I hope you enjoy your Grit City Gong as much as I enjoy making them!

Grit City Gongs are $800-3200 depending on size and customizations.
For inquiries, email me.