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From Frustrated to Fired Up! Creativity in the Welding Shop

Jul 6, 2023 | Metal Art

As a creator, failures are more numerous than masterpieces! It’s a tough balance to understand when something is going so wrong that it’s time to quit, or at least pause.

As artists we can be hyper critical of our work so we need to quiet the negative voice in our head and keep moving forward.

Recently I found myself in this place again… I was working on a “tree project” for the Auburn Community Arts Center opening event. I was aiming to form a tree truck shape with my signature bike gears. The base was 24″ and was tapered as it “grew” upwards. At about 2 feet high I was doubting the project, and by three feet I entirely frustrated by the progress. I set it aside on the ‘junk pile’ and moved on to another project.

A few weeks later I approached the discarded piece with fresh eyes and new perspective. I looked at it from the top, side and bottom, hoping to see a form I could work with. Upside down and at an angle it seemed possible to evolve it into a large bell shaped flower. My imagination started to revisit the possibities of what this form could become.

The next time I was at the studio a large circular saw blade caught my eye. My creative thinking was flowing and I wondered if it would make a good table top? I examined the ‘former tree trunk’ and started to consider the two pieces as a table. It had promise, so I started welding some extra support.

I am happy to say it turned out really nice, and another example of how the creation journey evolves. It’s important to be comfortable with “fails” as opportunities, because we can definitely count on projects not taking a linear path to completion. Enjoy the Journey!

The finished table is 18” high, 26” diameter table top, with a 24” base. The gears on the base are flame colored which gives them a variety of colors throughout. The top has variations of rust/brown. It has serveral coats of artist grade indoor/outdoor lacquer to cover which adds depth to color, protects the surface, and still allow the original texture to come through. This comes with a circular carpet piece to protect the floor.

This unique table saw/bike gear table is available for purchase, $2200

Table top is made with recycled saw blade