Innovative Mechanical Solutions

I’m a hands-on mechanical engineer and prototyper who solves problems and makes tools and products for industrial and consumer use.

With over 20 years in the industry, I have a breadth and depth of knowledge in materials, processes, and engineering analysis to take something from idea to prototype to factory.

My “figure it out optimism” combined with a commitment to safety and function leads to cool, creative and utilitarian solutions.


Exercise Chair for University of Texas

Exercise Chair for University of Texas

University of Texas SW Medical Center, Dallas Texas asked me to design and build a home exercise machine to monitor recovery of patients after heart surgery. Here is the prototype process I followed.

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Everyday Sources of Inspiration

Everyday Sources of Inspiration

Since declaring myself an Artist I have been able to learn many new skills. One common theme is to do anything greater than taking care of our basic human needs, is we need inspiration. From making a smoothie, to climbing a mountain, something triggers us to act.

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Reducing Aerodynamic Drag on Zeva Zero

Reducing Aerodynamic Drag on Zeva Zero

What makes the Zero different from other drones is when it transitions to horizontal it becomes a flying wing and is much more aerodynamic than a traditional quadcopter drone. This gives the Zero its incredible range of 40+ miles. For efficiency the entire vehicle needs to be aerodynamic, so this project is about making the wheel struts aerodynamic.

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From complex issues to simple fixes, I synthesize information from many different sources, repurposing concepts to bring new ideas and products to life.

Broad range allows me to problem solve and  connect disparate information in new ways.

Brainstorming, inspiration, testing, iteration, collaboration, and the courage to innovate often yeilds the most interesting results.

  • 3-D Printing
  • Solidworks CAD
  • Welding
  • Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting
  • Casting and Bonding
  • Thermoforming and Woodworking
  • Materials, Safety, and Feasibility

Work and Collaboration:

Let’s work together. Tell me more about your project.

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